Building Standards

There are a wide range of building standards that are used in the construction industry. The ones that are most well known in the UK are:

Building Regulations

These are the standards that buildings are forced by law to obtain. However there is research that the failure to meet these standards is at a worrying high level.


BREEAM as mentioned in Eco-Homes is the parent standard for many building assessments. BREEAM can be applied to a wide variety of building types and so is the most widely used standard for buildings like offices, retail, schools etc.

Passiv Haus / Passive House

Passiv Haus standards have two main homes of information. The Passiv Haus website and the Passiv Haus Trust website.

AECB Carbonlite Programme

The Association for Environment Conscious Building have developed standards based on the Passiv Haus principles and calculations. Gold equates for the Passiv Haus standard, but they also have Bronze, Silver and Platinum standards.

Bio Solar Haus

This is a little known but brilliant idea that is based on creating houses that work to above Passiv Haus standards, but by using non mechanical systems of ventilation, breathable wall structures and the basics of building physics. You can find more info in English on the system at

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