Energy generation


We need energy in our houses for a number of different purposes. To cook, to heat water, to power appliances, to provide heat and light. In South Wales most of the buildings used to be heated by coal, but now we consume most of our energy needs in the form of electricity and gas. These two forms of energy, like coal, have massive environmental and social issues associated with them. Electricity is generated by burning finite non-renewable resources and the industry is the now highest producer of CO2 in the UK. The National Grid (used to transmit electricity from power stations to our homes) loses approx. 7% of the energy through heat loss (Powerwatch 2000). Gas can be converted into energy in the home, thus making it more efficient than electricity - approx. 80% efficient compared to 38% (Powerwatch 2000), but it still produces CO2 and is a non-renewable resource. We are also a net importer so we are reliant on other countries for our supply.South Wales provides a great opportunity for buildings to generate their own independent power supplies by using energy from the variety of forms listed opposite:

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