Water conservation

In South Wales we often overlook the need for water conservation as we are blessed with above average rainfall. Pressure on water supplies is growing, though, as we become larger consumers of water both through the growth in the number of households and in the number and type of appliances that we use. This means that prices will probably increase and the likelihood of water restriction measures will grow. All new dwellings are already required to have water meters and the pressure will grow for more retro-fitting as demand and supply change.

Climate change will also have an effect. Summers are predicted to be drier and hotter, this will give rise to major shortages that will need to be carefully managed. More intense rainfall is also predicted and this will lead to increased risk of floods. The risk of flash-flooding is also growing as we build over more of the environment since rainwater is channelled much more quickly towards the sewerage system. (Click on the flood risk map of Cardiff opposite to see if your property is at risk).  However there are ways of minimising this risk and of conserving water. We can:

Collect your own

Use a grey water recycling system that can supply your toilet, washing machine and other non-potable uses.

Fit water butts that can collect rainwater for use in the garden, washing the car etc.

Reduce demand

  • Shower rather than bathe
  • Fit spray taps
  • Use washing machines only when full
  • Use dish washers only when full
  • Put the plug into the sink whilst washing
  • Turn tap off when cleaning your teeth
  • Buy dual flush toilets
  • Retro-fit a water saving device to your toilet

Install Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

By providing underground water tanks to collect rainwater we can create a lag effect on run-off and a reservoir for non-potable water for re-use.

Other techniques include using permeable surfaces rather than using non-permeable ones. This allows the water to be absorbed and then slowly released by the soil. This also has the effect of replenishing the natural water table.

Re-use it

Water from the bath and sink can be collected for use in the garden

All water can be filtered and cleaned using a brown water recycling system

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