'Green' building services

There is a growing need for people to develop 'green' construction projects. This is especially true for voluntary and community groups in Wales. We specialise in sustainable construction projects where we bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise with regard to eco-building. These services include the creation of business plans, community consultation services, feasibility studies and sustainable architectural services (in partnership with local architects).

Unlike many other professional building companies Rounded Developments Enterprises will talk your language. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the voluntary sector and hence know the importance of social considerations as well as economic and environmental ones. We are fully committed to creating designs that work for you and the environment. This balance is often overlooked by others, but we pride ourselves on making buildings work on all fronts. This triple bottom line is so important and so we only work with others who understand this and are also committed.

Rounded Developments Enterprises will be able to take your project through from conception to completion in partnership with your organisation. We believe in empowering groups to make their own informed decisions and taking people through the process rather than imposing it. This way you will get what you want and also understand the way that the building works, hence allowing you to use it most efficiently and effectively.

We have worked on a number of projects that will testify to our work including:

  • Nantyffyllon Rugby Club - feasibility study
  • Cathays Community Centre - community consultation
  • Daerwynno Outdoor Centre - design of extension to centre and report on renewable energy generation

Zero Carbon Building

Rounded Developments Enterprises has been frustrated with the lack of real progress towards zero-carbon buildings and now advocates the use of Bui-Solar-Haus as a model concept.

So if you are looking to create a Zero-Carbon building we can provide you with the information required to do so.

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