Sustainable consultancy services

Rounded Developments Enterprises is able to offer consultancy and hosting services to voluntary, community and charitable organisations based in Wales. 

Any consultancy undertaken by RDE will look at the triple bottom line. This means that the feasibility for any project will encompass the elements of:

  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

RDE is registered with a number of organisations from which it can draw additional information and advice where required, these include Entrust, DTA (Wales), Renew Wales and STBA.

RDE has worked extensively with:

  • BRE (Wales) and V2C. (Instigation and delivery of a Sustainable Refurbishment Standard for Wales). RDE is looking at the reality of delivering sustainable refurbishment for a large Registered Social Landlord in Wales. This is a WAG funded project.
  • Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff (Community Consultation and advice on re-developing the centre in Cathays). See for details on the centre
  • The Sikh Community in Riverside, Cardiff (Community consultation and advice on the design and business plan for their proposed new community centre in Riverside)
  • Cyntwell Church group in Caerau, Cardiff (Feasibility study on saving the existing church for community activities in Caerau)
  • Llwyncelyn Development Group in RCT (Feasibility study on creating a new resource for community activities in Llwyncelyn, Porth)
  • Nantyffyllon Rugby Club in Bridgend County (Feasibility study on creating a new sporting and comunity centre in Nantyffylon near Maesteg)
  • Riverside Warehouse, Cardiff (Advice on a sustainable refurbishment for the Warehouse Project that won one of the People's Millions Awards)
  • Daerwynno Outdoor Activity Centre (Feasibility study on expanding the existing off-grid centre complete with designs up to planning stage and also a renewable energy report for group near Ynysybwl, RCT). See for details on the centre
  • Groundwork RCT and Merthyr Tydfil (Training for staff in sustainable building and the wider environment)
  • Environment Wales (Workshop in sustainable building at EnviroNet conference). See for details on Environment Wales
  • Black Environment Network (Workshop session at their Annual Conference on Sustainable Building). See for details on BEN

RDE's Co-ordinator, Mr Peter Draper, has over 25 years experience working in the voluntary and community sectors in South Wales and was Co-ordinator at the Amelia Trust Farm between 1995 and 2003. He was also a founding member of Valeways and has served on the Executive Committee of UNA Exchange for many years. Currently he is Co-Chair of the STBA.

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