Damp Reports 

Damp is a poorly understood science. It is all based on modern methods of construction and this is applied across the board to all housing types despite the fact that older solid walled houses work in a completely different way to modern houses.

We take the view that each house is different and needs an individual inspection in order to ascertain the cause of damp and the best remedy / solution for it. This viewpoint is backed up by the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (the great and the good of the heritage world) and is gaining a lot of respect from DECC as the way forward for older buildings.

Peter Draper is co-chair of the STBA and so has been recognised as one so the countries leading minds on working on older buildings. It would be Peter coming out to your home to inspect it and to report back to you either formally, or informally, depending on your needs. This expert building pathology is a key element to making your home sustainable and dry. 

For more information please contact the office on 029 20373094 or Peter on his mobile at 07929 529384.

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