Sustainable Building Advice

RDE / Eco Home Centre can advise on sustainable building options that are available for individual home-owners. The service that we offer is tailor made for you and will assist you with sustainable building concepts and how to realise them. This advice is based on broad thematics rather than specifics. For example we can advise on types of fuels and the implications of their use, but we will not calculate an individually tailored cost / benefit analysis for the property.

We do this in the centre and also in your own home if required. The centre based advice is epitomised I think by this recent email:

"Hello, I just wanted to say that I used all the paint I bought on the weekend and I think the products are fantastic. I suffered badly from asthma after using Dulux paint in our bedroom (years ago) and it is relief to be able to use a paint product confidently knowing that it wont have an adverse affect on my health.

Also, two of my friends spoke to you last week in the shop. I know that her husband was really dubious about 'green paint' and wasn't prepared to pay the extra no matter how much we raved about it and saying you only need one coat in most instances. Having spoken to you he is converted, with plans on what other products he needs to buy from Rounded Developments when they move into their new terraced cottage. He was saying how honest you were advising against buying a second product as it wasn't needed (primer?) as no other big shop would ever do that.

I know that the shop is only a part of the services you offer but I really appreciate Rounded Developments being there to buy DIY products and for your advice. If the only other option was the internet then I may never have decided to use green paint and don't feel my friend would have considered using green paint at all. So thank you!"

Home Reports

Each building is different and so require different solutions. So a home visit is essential for you to have the individual information that you require for making decisions on building projects like 'green' extensions and conversions.

We will arrange visits to your convenience (this normally means evening meetings) so please just give us a call on 029 20373094 or email us to arrange your personalised consultation.

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