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Rounded Developments Enterprises seeks to provide a high quality service in everything that it does, but we need feedback from our clients and customers in order to know whether we are achieving this.

If you have any comments about the products, advice, services that you have received from RDE we would be pleased to hear them, good or bad, as both are constructive. Sources of comments will be treated as confidential unless you wish to have your contact details / name published.


A very informative day with practical classroom ideas highlighted throughout - GREAT

More courses like this please!

Will assist me in the work I am doing with Eco-schools. As lead learner in creative development, I found the afternoon session particularly helpful (we are currently planning on designing and painting murals)

I'll be using the resources recommended and adapting worksheets for my pupils needs and pass on information to my peers. I've found it very useful to find out about local agencies that I feel will be extremely beneficial in the future. I fully intend to use the resources available. Thank you.

(Teacher Placement Day Nov. 2006)


"Very good and very interesting - will recommend to friends"
"Spot on topic - lots of information"
"Enjoyed the course..really liked the photos and 'real life' scenarios"
"Thoroughily enjoyed the course. Very comprehensive and interesting. Have been recommending it to others already"

(Refurbishing Victorian Terrace Housing Course)


Hello, I just wanted to say that I used all the paint I bought on the weekend and I think the products are fantastic. I suffered badly from asthma after using Dulux paint in our bedroom (years ago) and it is relief to be able to use a paint product confidently knowing that it wont have an adverse affect on my health.

Also, two of my friends spoke to you last week in the shop. I know that her husband was really dubious about 'green paint' and wasn't prepared to pay the extra no matter how much we raved about it and saying you only need one coat in most instances. Having spoken to you he is converted, with plans on what other products he needs to buy from Rounded Developments when they move into their new terraced cottage. He was saying how honest you were advising against buying a second product as it wasn't needed (primer?) as no other big shop would ever do that.

I know that the shop is only a part of the services you offer but I really appreciate Rounded Developments being there to buy DIY products and for your advice. If the only other option was the internet then I may never have decided to use green paint and don't feel my friend would have considered using green paint at So thank you! -
(A customer sent an email to us)

I bought this from you recently for my floorboards and although I haven't applied it yet, I've tried it on a wooden stool and it is *brilliant* - (Osmo Polyx Oil)

The paint is looking great by the way and wonderfully non-smelly (no headaches!) thanks for the advice - (EarthBorn Emulsion)

I received the paints yesterday, I am very impressed with your service and will be ordering from you again in the future. - (EarthBorn Pigments)

I would definitely use RDE again in preference to usual merchants because of your prompt and helpful service. - (Lindab order)

I had to drop you a note to say how pleased I have been with the service you have provided. Your staff have been polite, friendly and helpful on the phone, your advice has been terrific and your delivery service one of the best I have come across - not to mention the Earthborn masonary paint which is now looking great. The two deliveries I have received have arrived the morning after my order was placed and even the delivery driver gave me an extra hour in bed when he arrived at 7:30 am to find the curtains still closed! So, thank you very much. - (earthBorn Silicate Masonry Paint and Pigment)

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