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Many products give off gases throughout their lives or during their application. Painting, in a manufacturing context would require strict ventilation controls, protective clothing and breathing apparatus, yet we tend to use them freely. There are natural alternatives available that do not have the Volatile Organic Compounds associated with 'normal' paints.

Formaldehyde is given off by many building products including MDF, so use safe alternatives or put spider plants (chlorophytum comosum) in the room as these will help to absorb the gasses. The following organisation can provide environmentally friendly decorating materials.

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Rounded Developments Enterprises Ltd

Eco Home Centre
63 Clive Road
Peter Draper

Rounded Developments Enterprises runs the Eco Home Centre dedicated to making sustainable building products available to all in the SE Wales region. We stock a large range of products including Earthborn and Auro paints. These paints are natural and contain either no or very low levels of VOCs, this makes them much healthier to use. The claypaints and emulsions are breathable which gives them special properties. The claypaints also provide a very matt finish that is highly prized and valued by interior decorators.

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