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Having a well insulated building means that you reduce the need for heating. This helps to save you money and the planet from pollution / climate change. Some insulation materials are more polluting in their manufacture than others so look for more sustainable options like cellulose (Warmcel), sheep's wool, flax, cork and cotton. Financial assistance with cavity wall and loft insulation is available from your local council. The following companies manufacture insulation materials in Wales. There is also a new 75% Welsh Sheep's Wool that is marketed by Ty Mawr Lime. This is available through RDE.

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Excel Industries Ltd
Maerdy Ind Est (South)
NP22 5PY
01685 845200
01685 844106
Nigel Bosanko

Excel Building Solutions is the UK's leading supplier of innovative building systems, utilising building products manufactured from sustainable or recycled materials. Excel's Warmcel range of high performance insulation is produced entirely from recycled newspaper. It has an excellent BRE environmental rating, zero ODP and low embodied energy. The company also supplies a range of timber based sheathing boards manufactured from FSC certified raw materials.

Plant Fibre Technology Ltd
The BioComposites Centre
Deiniol Road
LL57 2UW
01248 388486
08701 217210
Gary Newman

For ecological, healthy and energy efficient buildings - Insulate naturally with Isonat™ natural fibre insulation. Plant Fibre Technology Ltd has been established to ensure that natural insulations soon become the norm and not the exception. We are pleased to introduce Isonat™, which we believe represents the best value ecological insulation batt. Ecological – Isonat™ is made from hemp fibre and recycled cotton. It is carbon positive and sustainable. Thermally efficient - The thermal conductivity of Isonat™ is similar to mineral fibre, but Isonat™ has a higher heat capacity - enhancing thermal comfort. Acoustic comfort – Isonat™ is extremely effective at reducing noise transmission Good news for installers! – Isonat™ does not irritate the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. Moisture Regulation – Isonat™ helps to regulate moisture levels in the home – which is good for health and comfort. Durable – The structure and density of Isonat™ enable it to resist settlement. Plant Fibre Technology .. because only renewable materials can be sustainable


ISONAT, Sheep's Wool, Flax and Warmcel insulations are available from Rounded Developments Enterprises

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